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Zones of Interest


External Grant Requests (Organizations outside UMCNO Institution): 


  • Health Care (Indigent & Working Uninsured)

  • Research 

  • Patient Education (Indigent & Working Uninsured)

  • Staff Education/Train the Trainer Program

  • Medical Equipment 


Internal Grant Requests (UMCNO Departments): 


  • Healthcare (Indigent & Working Uninsured)

  • Equipment (Medical & Other)

  • Research 

  • Staff Education

  • Patient Education

  • Patient Family Assistance 

  • Patient Medication Assistance 


Who May Apply


External Eligible Organizations:

  • Organizations must impact UMCNO's patient population, employees or providers

  • Tax-exempt organizations described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) that is not a private foundation described in Section 509(a)

  • Private operating foundations described in Section 4940(d) 

  • Organizations described in Section 170(c)(1) (governmental agencies) or Section 511(a)(2)(B) (state colleges and universities) 


Internal Eligible Organizations:


  • All University Medical Center New Orleans Departments 


Organizations NOT Eligible:


  • Private foundation described in Section 509(a) 

  • Private or publicly held corporations 

  • Limited Liability Corporations 

  • Partnerships 

  • Sub-chapter “S” corporations 

  • External & Internal organizations wanting to re-grant to other organizations 


Funding Restrictions:


  • Minimum grant size: $2,000 

  • Maximum grant size: $10,000

  • Funding requests not supported: 

    • Capital projects 

    • General/ongoing operating expenses 

    • Direct support to individuals or fraternal bodies 

    • Projects of national or statewide scope 


Click the links below for Guidelines and Application Forms


LSU & Tulane: Grant Guidelines I Application Form


Grant Guidelines I Internal Application Form I External Application Form



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