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Spirit of Charity Award


The Spirit of Charity Foundation, dedicated to supporting the mission of Charity Hospital, created “The Spirit of Charity Award”

in 1998. It is presented annually to a physician whose career began or was nurtured in the healing and teaching wards of our beloved Charity Hospital and who has made a significant contribution to medicine. 


Click on the recipient's picture to see pictures and information from their event (some are not available)


1998 Michael DeBakey, MD Tulane Cardiothoracic Surgery

1999 Gerald Berenson, MD Tulane Cardiology

2000 Abe Mickal, MD LSU Ob/Gyn

2001 Jack Perry Strong, MD LSU Pathology

2002 Albert L. Hyman, MD Tulane Cardiology

2003 Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD LSU Surgery

2004 Hyman Cyril Tolmas, MD Tulane Pediatrics

2005 Frank Incaprera, MD LSU Internal Medicine

2008 Norman E. McSwain, Jr., MD Tulane Trauma Surgery

2009 David "Luke" Glancy, MD LSU Cardiology

2010 Newton E. Hyslop, Jr., MD Tulane Infectious Disease

2011 Charles "Bo" Sanders, MD LSU Internal Medicine

2012 William Gill, MD Tulane Pediatric Neonatologist

2013 Jack Andonie, MD LSU Ob/Gyn

2014 Karen DeSalvo, MD Tulane Internal Medicine

2015 Joseph J. Biundo, Jr., MD LSU Rheumatology and PM&R

2016 Raoul Rodriguez, MD Tulane Orthopaedic Surgery

2017 Bennett deBoisblanc, MD LSU Pulmonary/Critical Care

2018 L. Lee Hamm, III, MD Tulane Nephrology

2019 Steve Nelson, MD LSU Pulmonary/Critical Care

2020 The Entire Dedicated Team of University Medical Center New Orleans for all their Covid-19 efforts

2021 Raju Thomas, MD Tulane Urology

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