The Spirit of Charity Foundation is proud to partner with UMCNO and LSU and Tulane Medical Schools in sponsoring and facilitating the Stop the Bleed Program. It is a national campaign developed by the American College of Surgeons to teach adults and children life-saving techniques in a bleeding emergency.  This free training is offered by UMCNO.  The hour-long class will teach you how to apply a tourniquet and how to pack a wound if a tourniquet cannot be utilized or is not available.  In addition, after the training, a Stop the Bleed kit will be given to the organization, free of charge, which includes 5 tourniquets and supplies needed to Stop the Bleed.

If you would like your children's school, your church, your workplace or any other organization to be trained in these life-saving techniques, please contact the Program Coordinator, Stacy Gerhold-Marvin, at 504-702-3113 to schedule a class.  Our instructors come to you!  We also offer one class a month at UMCNO for individuals who would like to be trained.

You can request a class, sign up for a class and learn more about the program at and

Please watch as this video demonstrates Stop the Bleed techniques.

"The only thing more tragic than a death.... is a death that could have been prevented."